Board Of Directors

As on the date of this Draft Prospectus, the Board of Directors of our Company comprises of the following:




Brief Profile

Mr. Ranjit Kulladhaja Mayengbam

Chairman and Managing Director

Ranjit Kulladhaja Mayengbam, aged 46 Years is the Founder, Promoter, chairman and Managing Director of our Company. He is the Director of the Company since Incorporation of the Company. He was later designated as Managing Director with effect from August 16, 2023. He has 20 plus years of experience in the industry in which our Company operates. He is a visionary entrepreneur and has played a pivotal role in setting up business of our Company. He primarily looks after the overall business operations of the Company. He is the driving force behind the working of the company and has been the mentor to all the employees. His vast industry knowledge and experience has helped company to grow many folds. As a leader, he always delivers value to the customers and endeavor in fulfilling / exceeding their expectations and is involved in day-to-day execution of projects. In our Company he is responsible for providing strategic advice and guidance to the members of the board, to keep them aware of developments within the industry and ensure that the appropriate policies are developed to meet the company’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations.


He holds a master’s degree from University of Pune in Marketing Management and bachelor’s degree from University of Pune in Bachelors of Science. Additionally, he holds a diploma in Business Management from University of Pune. He has been awarded Crest of Honor from Bharati Vidyapeeth and Silver Jubilee Excellence Award 2019, by Indira.


Mrs. Gangarani Devi Mayengbam


Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Gangarani Devi Mayengbamaged 45 years, is the Founder, Promoter, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of our Company. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Manipur University in bachelors of Arts and diploma in archival studies from school of archival studies, New Delhi. She has been on the Board of our Company since inception and was later appointed as Chief Financial officer of our Company on August 16, 2023. As a Chief financial officer of our Company she is he is responsible for planning, taking significant decisions relating to investment, making strategies, and managing financial activities, including budgeting, forecasting expenses, mitigating financial risks for sustainable growth with overall supervision of finance and accounts team the employees. The primary responsibilities include presenting and reporting accurate and timely company financial information. It includes working on annual financial reporting, corporate revenue/expense reporting, press releases, development, and monitoring contract/grant and organizational budgets.


Mr. Sujeet Dinanath Naik

Non-Executive and Non Independent




Sujeet Dinanath Naik, aged 50  years, is, Non-Executive and Non-independent Director of our Company. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and a degree of Bachelors of Science. He has been on the Board of our Company since 28th July, 2023. He is a goal-oriented professional with over 23 years of experience with Telecom Industry (Tata Tele Services Ltd, Tata Communications Internet Services Ltd, VSNL- Tata Indicom Broad Band Division and Reliance Communications), Consumer Durables (Gillette India Ltd) and Service Industry (Skypak Services Specialists Ltd). His role in our company includes overseeing whether Company’s programmes are being executed in right direction as per its aim and objectives, recommending business policies to the board governing the Company, establishing long-term business plans for supporting the vision and values of the Company. He is strategic leader with capabilities in accelerating growth & improving profits. His experience, skills, and achievements reflect his commitment to excellence and his aspiration to contribute in the best possible way to the organizations he serves.




Mr. Dhirendra Sidh Nath Trivedi


  Non-Executive and




Dhirendra Sidh Nath Trivedi, aged 45  years, is a Non-Executive and Independent Director of our Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts from University of Lucknow. He has been on the Board of our Company since August 16, 2023. Dhirendra has started his career with Aar Kay Associates in the year 2003 as Senior Sales Officer. In 2004, he worked in Standard Chartered (Standard Chartered Finance Limited) with credit card sales department since 2003. In 2010, he joined HDFC Bank’s (HDFC Bank Ltd) Emerging Enterprises Group (EEG) as Relationship Manager, working capital department, and served till 2016. In 2016, He incorporated his own proprietorship firm Ryka Enterprises. He has experience of 19 plus years of experience in lending and finance sector. He has experience in the area of keeping the company up-to-date with latest business trends, developing better business techniques and practices. He is responsible for oversight of affairs of our Company and Corporate governance.


Mr. Shailendra  Ramesh Ganeshe


Non-Executive and Independent Director


Shailendra Ramesh Ganeshe, aged 41  years, is Non-Executive and Independent Director of our Company. He holds a degree in master’s degree in Management (Sales and Admin) from University of Pune and bachelor’s degree in Computer Application (BCA) from Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. Additionally, he holds degree in doctor of philosophy from California Public University. He has been on the Board of our Company since August 16, 2023. Mr. Shailendra is a versatile personality in area of marketing and PR. Having served the corporate world with leading brands as Centurion Bank, ICICI Bank for 5 years. He is the founder member of Poona School of Business Management, Pune having successfully run various programs as MBA PGDM/ PGP. With a will to do something different he entered in the social entrepreneurship domain with his venture Om Sai Education (now renamed as Anabella Educare). He has received Icon of Excellence awards from the Times Group and Nelson Mandela Noble Peace award. He is dedicated to ensure good corporate governance in our Comp


Mr. Pandurang Avinash Deokar


Non-Executive and Independent Director


Pandurang Avinash Deokar, aged 50  years, is Non-Executive and independent Director of our Company. He holds a degree in master’s degree in Business Administration of (Finance) and Master’s in Commerce (Advance Accounting & Auditing) from BMCC. He has been on the Board of our Company since August 16, 2023. He provides operational guidelines to our finance team. He supervises the finance unit, assists and trains team members, assesses the benefits of contracts and establishes adequate controls. Pandurang also oversees fiscal reporting activities, safeguards financial assets, monitors banking activities and reviews statutory compliance of the company. He reviews financial statements, as well as financial budgets of our Company. Pandurang has gained 25 years of experience in the Finance Function of the IT / Software Industry and prior to his current role, he served as Finance Controller, HOD Finance, Sr. Manager Finance to the various organizations including Thermax Group Companies, Cognizant Group Companies, Geometric, Onward, Veritas and Symbiosis. He is appointed as Director on the board of Eves Innovations Private Limited and Eligarf Technologies Private Limited. His analytical prowess, and leadership qualities make him an asset to our Company.